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We offer secure, creative and cost-effective IT solutions!

Our goal is always to offer IT solutions that our customers can have confidence in – solutions that focus on innovation and security. We want to be the natural choice for everything to do with IT.

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Our solutions

Flexibility and great value

In our drive to meet each client’s unique IT requirements, Defensio IT Solutions offers flexible systems with nationwide support. We offer client-specific, secure and tailor-made solutions using the market’s best products in their respective areas.



With innovative security solutions, we help our clients today to meet the security challenges of tomorrow



With our dynamic solutions and market independence, together we can build a future-proof IT environment



We offer expertise from north to south through our broad range of consultants, who will be able to find the right solution for your business



We provide wide-ranging, expert support to our clients across Sweden

About us

We go the extra mile for our clients!

Here at Defensio we have built up a solid base of experience in handling and protecting our clients’ critical data. Together with the market-leading suppliers that we carefully select, we draw up the right solutions, tailored perfectly to our clients’ needs.

Our clients live in a world of constant and active change, where the focus is on efficiency in information management with a view to reducing costs. In this context, our role is to act as a coordinating knowledge partner, while at the same time helping to develop strategies and techniques that will help our clients to achieve their goals. With our broad spectrum of expertise, clients only need to discuss their needs with one party.

Often, the entire existing IT environment is affected even by minor changes. This demands broad expertise in multiple areas to produce optimum solutions. We have consultants in several parts of Sweden with expertise in areas such as virtualisation, networks, storage, backup, servers and various cloud services. This makes us perfectly placed to develop solutions that best meet our clients’ unique needs and wishes.

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